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Warranty Periods & Coverage

Products Specific Components General Parts Service
(Labour & Transport)
Built-in-Hobs Glass Top Lifetime Warranty* 24 months 24 months All models
Cooker Hoods Not applicable 24 months 24 months All models
Built-in Ovens Not applicable 24 months 24 months All models
Chest Freezers 36 months
(compressor only - gas refill and
labour charges excluded)
12 months 12 months All models
Free-Standing Cooker Not applicable 24 months 24 months All models

* Only applicable for glass top of gas hob and limited to 1 replacement only.

What If My Product Not Under Warranty?

For products not under warranty, please call our Service Hotline +65 6268 0077 or email at for service charges and service appointment.

Do I Need To Pay Any Charges If The Same Fault Arises After Repairing?

There will be no charges required for services, transport and spare-parts if the same fault /parts arises within a month after parts repair.

How Many Days In Advance Need To Call Up For Appointment?

We are hoping to serve as fast as possible within 24 hours or latest by 48 hours but the lead time may vary due to unforeseen circumstances.

What Is The Timing?

  • Prefix timing is allocated with 4 hours grace period.
  • Customers will be informed of a more specified timing of 2 hours grace period on the appointment day itself.

What Are The Cleaning And Maintenance Tips?


Enamelled Parts:
  • Enameled parts must be cleaned with a sponge and soapy water or other non-abrasive products.
  • Dry preferably with a soft cloth.
  • Acid substances like lemon juice, tomato sauce, vinegar, etc. can damage the enamel if left too long.
Stainless Steel, Aluminium Parts, and Silk-Screen Printed Surfaces:
  • Clean using an appropriate product. Always dry thoroughly.
  • These parts must be cleaned very carefully to avoid scratching and abrasion. You are advised to use a soft cloth and neutral soap.
  • Do not use abrasive substances or non-neutral detergents, as these will irreparably damage the protective surface.
Burners and Grids:
  • They can be removed and washed only with soapy water. Detergents can be used but must not be abrasive or corrosive. Do not use abrasive sponges or pads. Do not put in dishwasher.
  • After cleaning or wash, check that the burner-caps and burner heads are dry before placing them in the respective housings. It is very important to verify the position of the burner-caps because a misplacing in their slots can cause a serious damage.
  • Check that the electrode for ignition be always clean in order to ensure a regular spark shooting.
  • Check also that the probe next to each burner is always clean to ensure correct operation of the safety valves.


  • Metal grease filters: Should be cleaned at least once a month with normal usage. They may be washed in hot water and mild liquid detergent or liquid soap or in a dishwasher.
  • The active charcoal filter should be replaced at least every four months or more frequently if the hood is used for continuous periods or when cooking very greasy foods.


  • Inside of oven must be cleaned every time it is used.
  • With the oven warm, wipe the inside walls with a cloth soaked in very hot soapy water or another suitable product. The accessories can be removed and washed in a sink.