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👍 4 reasons why you should consider an Induction Hob for your home.

👍 4 reasons why you should consider an Induction Hob for your home.
Embrace the future of cooking! Induction hobs are growing in popularity. Besides its sleek and elegant appearance, what are some of its advantages? Today we explore the top 4 reasons how an induction hob can benefit you and enhance your lifestyle.
Firstly, how does an induction hob work?
An induction hob transmits heat directly to the pot or pan via electromagnetic field, unlike traditional methods such as flame (in a gas hob) or a heating element (in a radiant hob). Induction cooking uses electromagnetism to turn cooking pans into cookers (creating heat energy inside the pan itself, instead of transferring heat from outside), which cooks food more quickly and safely with less energy.
Advantages of an Induction hob includes:
✅ Speed:
Induction hobs cook quickly as all of the energy generated goes straight into the pan. Estimates show that an induction hob brings a pot of water to boil approximately in half the time compared to a traditional gas hob. In Singapore whereby time is constantly a constraint, this extra time saved can prove to be invaluable!
✅ Energy Saving:
Traditional gas and electric hobs heat up the air around the pan, causing some of the heat generated to be lost to the surrounding environment. In comparison, an induction hob heats up the pan directly and the result is little to no wastage of energy. Providing better energy efficiency and more savings on your utility bills!
✅ Safety:
As there is no open flame, an induction hob minimises the risk of burns and fire. When the pan is just removed, the hob’s surface tends to be warm instead of scalding hot (the warmth is residual heat from contact with the pan and not because the hob itself is producing any heat).
✅ Easy Cleaning:
Food is less likely to burn on the hob’s surface, in addition to this, the induction hob’s sleek, flat surface means there’s nowhere for food residue to hide, making it easy to clean with a simple wipe. As a bonus, you don’t have to wait long for the surface to cool as well! So now you can choose more family time and less time cleaning up!
➡️ At EF Home Appliances, we carry a range of Induction Hobs that include handy functions, designed to serve useful purposes in your everyday lives. This includes a Sensor Sliding Touch Control giving you an easy and user-friendly way to manage flame control, 9 Levels of cooking which provides convenient modes for a wide variety of cooking options. Safety devices such as Overflow Safety Device, Child Lock and Automatic Safety Switch Off are also built into the Hobs.
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