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3 important reasons to clean your oven, plus an effective cleaning hack that doesn’t require harsh chemicals πŸ‘

3 important reasons to clean your oven, plus an effective cleaning hack that doesn’t require harsh chemicals πŸ‘
  1. 1. Boost your cooking enthusiasm & results.
A dirty oven is the cook’s worst friend. Not only will you feel unmotivated to start cooking, you will also tend to feel incapable.
Accumulated dirt and grime inside the oven not only emit strong and unpleasant odours, they can also compromise on your cooking results by causing limitations in the functionality of your oven and its cooking capabilities. It is not uncommon for meals to come out undercooked. Something which is hardly the case with a clean oven.
  1. 2. Reduce on maintenance cost.
If you keep your oven running with dirt and debris inside, it can potentially cause issues in the future. Which means extra costs for repairs and possibly the necessity to buy a new oven. You surely don’t want that. Which is why we recommend investing a little time and effort in regular cleaning and maintenance
  1. 3. Eliminate germs and harmful bacteria
Failing to clean your oven regularly makes it easy for germs and bacteria to breed in your oven.
Why not disinfect your oven properly so that you know it is safe from nasty bacteria and germs and protect your family from illness and bad health conditions!
βœ… Try our cleaning hack today and enjoy the glory of cooking once again!
Effortless, effective without requiring harsh chemicals, it only requires 3 simple ingredients you probably already have.
  • ½ Cup of dishwashing detergent
  • ½ Cup of baking soda
  • ¼ Cup vinegar
Mix all the ingredients together and stir until it forms a uniform paste.  Next, use your sponge to apply a generous amount of paste to the interior walls of your oven. Leave to sit overnight.
The next day, use a sponge to wipe away the paste, along with all of that nasty grease and grime. Finally, wipe the inside of your oven with a damp cloth, and step back to admire the gunk-free shine! ✨✨
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