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                INDUCTION HOB              CERAMIC HOB1 How it works?   Heat is created by powerful, high frequencyelectromagnets which generate magnetic currents that directly heat the cookware. The surface of the hob is not heated.        Coiled metal elements under the tempered ceramic glass are electronically heated. Heat is transferred through the glass cooktop and to the cookware.EnergyEfficiency Transfer heat directly only to the size ofthe cookware, thus no energy is wastedin the process. The surface of the hoband the surrounding air is not heated,induction hobs are more efficient.  The entire zone is heated meaning a lot more of energy can escape from the sides of the cookware. Having to heat the glass surface makes ceramic hobs less efficient.Heating            Cookware heats up almost instantly.Boils water twice as fast as a ceramichob. The magnetic field is consistent,and therefore so is the heat. Takes slower time to heat cookwarebecause element must heat up firstand through the glass, then only thecookware. The elements cycle onand off to maintain the temperature.Safety     Cooking zone which is not covered bycookware will be cool to touch.However, the surface does get warmfrom the residual heat of the cookware.           Cooking zones retain their heat upto 5 times higher than inductionwhen you turn off the heat, makingthe surface too hot to touch.Cookware                It only detects and heats up when thecookware is made of magneticmaterial. Hence, induction hobs requirea specific kind of cookware.To check, you can -Look for "INDUCTION"or "IH" symbol locatedat the back of cookware.Place a magnet on the base ofyour cookware and the magnetwill stick firmly.  All you'll need is flat base cookwareas this improves surface contact tothe glass.Control       Reacts almost instantaneously to achange in heat levels so you’re lesslikely to overcook or burn your food.               Because the elements in anelectrically-heated, it’ll need sometime to heat up or cool down toreach your desired temperature.Ease toClean     Induction hobs does not heat the glass,so spilled food won’t burn onto thesurface, thus making cleaning mucheasier.          Since the glass heats up, spilledfood can bake onto the surface.Leaving cooked or burnt food on thecooktop will only make cleaningharder. Hence, it's important to wipespills when it is safe to do so (lookout for the heat safety indicator)Price             Induction hobs are generally moreexpensive because of the inductiontechnology.   Ceramic hobs are usually cheaperthan induction hobs.