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Pragmatic Functionalities meets Style & Sophistication this Christmas! 🎄🍛🥙

Pragmatic Functionalities meets Style & Sophistication this Christmas! 🎄🍛🥙
Nothing beats homecooked meals! This festive season, prepare them in style while enjoying precise heat controls and quick efficient heating with EF’s range of Built in Flush Hobs.
Choose from a range of 3-4 burners to suit your cooking requirements, and a variety of dimensions to adapt to different kitchen layouts.
👍Constructed with high quality stainless steel to provide you with a long lasting appliance, armed with tough durability and the ease of minimal maintenance.
👍It also comes fitted with a Fully Sealed Burner Base, making clean-ups a breeze. The seal keeps any accident spills contained, so you do not have to remove parts to clean them. On top of this added convenience, fully sealed burner bases are also considered more visually appealing.
👍Your safety is our priority! Which is why we have equipped our appliances with important safety devices. Cook with a peace of mind with our in-built Flame Failure Safety Devices, which automatically cuts off the fuel supply to the hob if for any reason the flame goes out.
Pragmatic, functional and stylish all in a single appliance for an unrivalled cooking experience!