[EF x Cupplets] Introducing EF Brand Ambassador!

We are delighted to introduce Cupplets as our EF Brand Ambassador. Trusted by the team of professional Chefs at Cupplets, EF ovens are used to create beautiful and delicious baked goods for sales at Cupplets Café, including macarons, cookies, tarts, etc. With the multi-function EF ovens, the possibilities are endless. 

Do you wish to achieve café-standard baking results from the comfort of your home? EF enables the Chef in You! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to join our adventures with Cupplets!


About Cupplets*

Cupplets is a locally renowned and artisanal bakery dedicated to making popular desserts and customised baked goods. The team operates from their café and studio where they create stunning cakes and desserts inspired by their love for nature and music. Cupplets also offer workshops and Masterclass courses for apiring Chefs. When designing their desserts, the bakers let their creative juices run loose by adorning cakes with fresh flowers or decorating them with hand-piped buttercream flowers. Exotic cake flavours are a specialty at Cupplets, offering a variety of unique flavours such as brown butter gula melaka or elderflower. They will be sure to make your dessert table stand out.

Cupplets Website Facebook | Instagram

*Adapted from: Styled Story

[EF x Cupplets] Livestream - Baking Choux Puff Pastry

Did you know? You can bake Choux Puffs in under 25mins using EF oven! Join us LIVE on EF Facebook as we learn from professional Chef of renowned artisanal bakery Cupplets. Fuss-free and easy, you can do it at home too! ūüėĄ  #recipe #cookie #oven #kitchen #chef #baking

Do you wish to achieve café-standard baking results from the comfort of your home? EF enables the Chef in You! #trustedbyprofessionals‚Äč

In case you missed it, watch it here:

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[EF x Cupplets] Livestream - Baking Healthy Oatmeal Cranberry Cookies

Did we hear healthy & tasty cookies? Yums! Join us live this coming Wednesday, 31st March at 8pm as we learn how to bake healthy oatmeal cranberry cookies from Cupplets Bakery's chef! We will be using EF's 13-functions oven to get the perfect texture and taste for these yummy treats! #recipe #baking #cookie #oven #kitchen #chef

Do you wish to achieve café-standard baking results from the comfort of your home? EF enables the Chef in You! #trustedbyprofessionals‚Äč

View more here: http://ef.com.sg/details/BO-AE-1370-A

[EF x Creative Culinaire] EF Recipe Book Now Launched! ‚ú®

We are delighted to announce the launch of ‚ú®EF RECIPE BOOK‚ú® in collaboration with Creative CulinaireTrusted by Culinary Connoisseur Chef Judy Koh and highly talented Chef Tim, EF ovens are used to develop 24 Easy & Healthy oven recipes inspired by Favourite Asian Fusion Cuisines! ūü§© 

Do you wish to achieve café-standard baking results from the comfort of your home? EF enables the Chef in You! Receive a copy of the exclusive Recipe Book with every purchase of EF Ovens! On top of that, receive a free Westinghouse Roasting Pan with purchase of our latest 13 Functions Fermentation Oven - BO AE 1370 A.* 

Find out more today: http://www.ef.com.sg/products/BuiltInOvens

*While stocks last. Subject to change without prior notice. All rights reserved.
About Creative Culinaire:
Creative Culinaire is a culinary baking school that features state of the art kitchen facilities and boasting three outstanding classrooms, offering recreational baking classes and professional bakery courses for aspiring Chefs. The school has received rave reviews from former students and critics, being described as the best of Singapore’s culinary schools, with over thirteen years of experience and still going strong. Culinary Connoisseur Chef Judy Koh is the head of the baking classes together with her team of expert chefs dispose of expert tips and techniques on how to bake the finest desserts. 
The school has also founded Caffe Pralet, a cafe where their chefs’ cooking talent and creations are showcased and sold to the public. This café has an established reputation for some of the best cakes and Asian seasonal delights in Singapore. 
Creative Culinaire Website | Facebook | Instagram