EF BO AE 1370 A. Rates as one of the best ovens in Singapore

Rated as one of the best Ovens in Singapore, EF’s BO AE 1370 A comes with premium features that work to simplify your chores, give you better cooking results, and overall enhancing your modern lifestyle. View to learn more!
✨ Bake your own sourdough bread, experiment with fermenting vegetables, make your own yoghurt and more! With a fermentation mode at 40°C, this oven gives you the freedom to try different kinds of fermented recipes at home.
✨ With an energy-saving bake mode, this oven features a smart technology designed to maximise use of the heat generated inside the oven. The result? Less energy is required to produce heat and you can reach your desired cooking temperature faster! Saving time and lowering your electricity bills.
✨ Fitted seamlessly into your kitchen cupboards, this oven makes for a stunning addition to your interior. With its exquisite detailing and superb functions, it is designed to deliver the best results at the touch of your finger. Welcome to a new world of cooking!
- A-10% Class in Energy Efficiency
- 13 functions including Unique Fermentation function at 40°C
- Full Sensor Touch Control
- Automatic cut off timer
- 5 Shelf Positions With Easy Detachable Side Racks
- Soft Closing Door
- Auto Safety Switch Off

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