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Frost Free Freezer Benefits   

❄️ Enjoy fresher food with less time spent defrosting! Introducing the new Frost Free Upright Freezer from EF.

Defrosting your freezer can be a time-consuming task. EF’s new Frost Free Freezer prevents ice from building up in the freezer to save you the hassle!

☑️  Manually defrosting a freezer is labour intensive and time consuming, taking as long as 24 hours each time. With EF’s new frost-free model, enjoy convenience and time saving.

☑️ Having a frost-free freezer not only makes food packaging easier to see, but also reduces odour, improves temperature management, and prevents foods from sticking together.

☑️ Prevents frost damage on food! Frost-free freezer prevents ice crystals from developing and this prevents freezer burns, which negatively affects the taste and texture of the food.

EF’s new Frost Free Upright Freezer not only saves you time and effort, but also your floor space too! Taking up a lesser surface area thanks to vertical storage, now you can enjoy fresher food, while spacing space in your kitchen.

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