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Kitchen Trends: How EF Hobs & Hoods Elevate Modern Kitchens

The kitchen has long been regarded as the heart of the home, where families gather to cook, share meals, and create memories. In recent years, the kitchen has evolved into a stylish and functional space, and EF Home Appliances is at the forefront of this transformation. With their range of hobs and hoods, EF blends sleek European aesthetics with practical functionality to enhance any modern kitchen.

1. Stylish and Efficient Hobs for Every Kitchen

EF offers a diverse range of built-in hobs to cater to various cooking needs and kitchen designs.

Gas Hobs:

EFH 9730 TN VGB (86CM): This gas hob features dual flame control for precise heat adjustment and tempered glass for durability and style. With three burners, it’s perfect for multitasking and quick, efficient cooking.

EFH 7635 WT VGB (78CM): Provides high heat output for stir-frying while ensuring even heat distribution for consistent cooking results.

Induction Hobs:

HB BI 2721 A (70CM): Induction cooking offers fast, energy-efficient heating, and this model features sleek touch controls and a frameless design for a minimalist aesthetic.

HB BI 583 A (60CM): Combines powerful cooking zones with advanced safety features like automatic switch-off and residual heat indicators.

Combi Hobs:

HB IV 2734 A (70CM): This hob combines radiant ceramic and induction cooking zones, offering unparalleled flexibility. The frameless glass surface adds a sophisticated touch.

2. Cooker Hoods: Powerful Ventilation in Sleek Designs

EF’s cooker hoods are designed to effectively remove smoke, grease, and odors while complementing the modern kitchen aesthetic.

Chimney Hoods:

CK VISTA (90CM): With a high extraction rate, this chimney hood quickly clears the air while its minimalist design blends seamlessly with any kitchen style.

CK FINO PLUS BK (90CM): A stylish black finish and oil tray feature make this hood both attractive and easy to clean​ .

EFCH 6202 HM SSL (60CM): Offers powerful ventilation in a compact design that fits perfectly in small kitchens.

Integrated Hoods:

EFIH 9850 HM (90CM): Discreetly integrated into your cabinetry, this hood provides efficient ventilation without compromising aesthetics​.

EF’s hobs and hoods elevate kitchen spaces by providing stylish, efficient, and innovative solutions. Whether you’re a culinary enthusiast looking for precise cooking control or simply want a cleaner, odor-free cooking environment, EF has the perfect hob and hood combination for your kitchen.