(Part 2 of 2) EF’s Latest Cooker Hoods CK VISTA & CK LUNA IS both bring a new level of convenience and cleanliness to your kitchen!

✅ Sensor Touch Control with NEW Inventive Gesture Control
Are your hands greasy from cooking? Control your cooker hood with a simple wave! Gesture right to increase fan speed and left to decrease. Eliminating the need for manual control, as well as grease and smudges on your cooker hood.
✅ NEW Air Ionizer Technology
Equipped with an air ionizing technology, EF’s new cooker hoods eliminate odors and sanitizes the air while you cook. It deactivates viruses, bacteria, and allergens and eliminates particulates from the air. Giving your family clean, fresh air, and keeping them safe from pollutants.
✅ High Suction Power
Instantly clear up the air. With Max. Extraction Rate of 1200m3/hr, both cooker hoods come with efficient and powerful extraction. Keeping your kitchen grime, odour, and smoke-free with its three-levels of fan speed.
✅ LED Lighting
With evenly distributed LED lighting that gives you bright illumination of your cooking. LED lights last up to 50 times longer than halogen bulbs while offering 12 times better energy efficiency. They also remain cool to the touch and prevent accidental scalding.
✅ Suitable for apartments such as HDBs and Condos
Both models come in Recirculation & Extraction Mode. Which means they are well suited for all home types including HDBs & Condos.

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