[EF x Cupplets] Baking Cherry Frangipane Tart using EF Appliances Hob, Oven, Microwave Oven, Recipe

Lets bake Cherry Frangipane Tart! Recipe by Samantha, Head Baker and Co-founder of Cupplets. Try this easy recipe at home and bake with your kids this June holidays to enjoy some fun bonding time! Follow our simple step-by-step video here and tag us @efappliances to share your bakes!

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[EF x Cupplets] Introducing EF Brand Ambassador!                      
We are delighted to introduce Cupplets as our EF Brand Ambassador. Trusted by the team of professional Chefs at Cupplets, EF ovens are used to create beautiful and delicious baked goods for sales at Cupplets Café, including macarons, cookies, tarts, etc. With the multi-function EF ovens, the possibilities are endless. 

Do you wish to achieve bakery-standard professional baking results from the comfort of your home? EF enables the Chef in You! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to join our adventures with Cupplets! 

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About Cupplets
Cupplets is a locally renowned and artisanal bakery dedicated to making popular desserts and customised baked goods. The team operates from their café and studio where they create stunning cakes and desserts inspired by their love for nature and music. Cupplets also offer workshops and Masterclass courses for apiring Chefs. When designing their desserts, the bakers let their creative juices run loose by adorning cakes with fresh flowers or decorating them with hand-piped buttercream flowers. Exotic cake flavours are a specialty at Cupplets, offering a variety of unique flavours such as brown butter gula melaka or elderflower. They will be sure to make your dessert table stand out.

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