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How does a cooker hood improve the air quality in your kitchen?  

Did you know that EF’s Cooker Hood does more than just extract smoke and oil from your kitchen?

Harmful pollutants are emitted when we cook. If you use a Gas Hob at home, the combustion from the heat can produce nitrogen dioxide, formaldehyde, and carbon monoxide. The same occurs when cooking with Electric Hobs, but with slightly lower levels of these pollutants. These ultra-fine particles can be deposited into your lungs and absorbed into your blood when inhaled, causing health issues especially when you have young children or family members who suffer from breathing issues such as asthma.

How does EF Cooker Hoods help to improve the air quality?

EF Cooker Hoods are designed to remove smoke and pollutants from your kitchen quickly and efficiently.

👍 Our stylish range of hoods includes High powered hoods with Max Extraction Rate of 1000m3/hr, such as:

CK FINO PLUS BK, CK FINO SS, and Power Slim 90 X/VL

👍 Looking for even stronger suction? If you have a larger kitchen, consider models EF CK VISTA & CK LUNA IS, they come with a Max Extraction Rate of 1200m3/hr, giving you even stronger and quicker extraction.

👍 Enjoy air purification while you cook! Our 2 latest models EF CK VISTA & CK LUNA IS come with Air Ionizers that neutralise and sanitises air by deactivating viruses, bacteria, and allergens.

Modern European Aesthetics made for the Asian home.

👍 Choose from 2 sizes of 60cm and 90cm hoods to fit your kitchen, and from 3 colours: Stylish Black, Elegant Glass, or Classic Stainless Steel to fit your style!

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